Join Vision Zero for Youth 

Join the growing number of communities working toward a future with zero traffic deaths and a focus on youth. Most successful community efforts have committed city leaders and energized community support. Both are important.

For ways community members can support their city leaders or even be the ones that gets things started, visit Take Action.


Invitation to mayors and key elected officials

Add your community to the list of Vision Zero for Youth cities and communities across the USA that are working to improve the quality of life for residents by  promoting safe walking and bicycling while setting ambitious goals to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries. 

By adding your community to the list, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Be recognized as one of the cities and communities that are leading the way
  • Have your programs, activities and accomplishments highlighted for others to see
  • Receive special alerts about new research, webinars, resources and events
  • Be part of a peer to peer network that will engage cities with similar issues


How to show your commitment

Find a menu of ways to get started in Take Action.

Use the Mayors’ Statement on Safe Walking and Bicycling for Youth, which describes these goals from the perspective of cities.

The ability of people to safely walk and bicycle is a vital part of what makes communities thrive. We recognize that by creating opportunities for children and youth to safely walk and bicycle, we can benefit people of all ages, abilities and resources. My community is committed to work to promote safe walking and bicycling and to eliminate fatal and serious traffic crashes among all road users. Now is the time to act. We know the benefits this would bring to the health and well-being of our children, our communities, and the nation are immeasurable.

Be part of a local Bike or Walk to School Day Event.

Mayors have been an important part of many of the thousands of Bike and Walk to School Day events across the United States. Using the Mayors’ Statement as part of your participation in an event allows you to highlight your commitment to safety for child and youth pedestrians and bicyclists. Bike to School is held in May and Walk to School Day is held in October each year. For more information about the events visit the Walk and Bike to School website.

Find highlights of successes from other cities and communities in Stories.

Frequently asked questions

What is Vision Zero for Youth?  

The Vision Zero for Youth Initiative encourages communities to prioritize children’s safety when planning safety improvements.  For cities considering or currently implementing Vision Zero, this means including activities specifically focused on children and youth and places they walk and bicycle such as school zones.  Not only do children need and deserve special protection, but focusing on them can be the catalyst to building political will and community support for community-wide improvements that reach all ages and abilities.

How does it work with Vision Zero?

Focusing on youth can be part of a larger Vision Zero plan or a great way to start. By starting with youth, the Vision Zero for Youth Initiative can be the catalyst to build community support for Vision Zero.

What does it mean to join Vision Zero for Youth?

Communities that sign up above to join Vision Zero for Youth are announcing a commitment to improving safety for children and youth starting with the trip to school. The level of effort can vary from being part of a Walk to School Day event to creating a safe transportation network that supports all ages and abilities. For a list of ways to start, visit Take Action.