Vision Zero for Youth
International Leadership Award

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Cities recognized with the Vision Zero for Youth International Leadership Award have taken impressive action to improve walking and biking safety for their children and youth with the goal of building safer, healthier communities for everyone. The International Award Committee, comprised of child health and road safety leaders including FIA Foundation, Global Designing Cities Initiative, Youth for Road Safety (YOURS), International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), Safe Kids and others, nominates cities in low- and middle-income countries. To select the recipient, the Award Committee considers the overall progress and challenges faced by a city and specifically:

  • Outcomes of the city’s work to improve child and youth pedestrian and bicyclist safety including infrastructure improvements and establishment of safety policies.
  • Evidence of progress such as child/youth pedestrian injury reductions, reduction in vehicle speeds and increases in walking and biking.
  • Benefits for children and youth with the greatest risk for injury.