Communities creating safer streets starting where youth walk and bike

Around the world, communities are committing to eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries, with an approach called Vision Zero. A growing group of these cities is focused on improving safety in school zones and other places where children and youth walk and bicycle.

Vision Zero for Youth recognizes that starting with youth can be the catalyst to build community support for Vision Zero, and that Vision Zero should include a focus on youth.

Fortaleza, Brazil Receives First International Vision Zero for Youth Leadership Award

Fortaleza has earned distinction as the first International Award winner because of its aim to create a culture of active transportation for children and youth and improving road safety for all. Read more about Fortaleza and their work here!

Fremont, CA Receives U.S. Vision Zero for Youth Leadership Award

The city of Fremont, California is the recipient of the U.S. Vision Zero for Youth Leadership Award.
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Updated Vision Zero Resources

Two Vision Zero for Youth resources have been updated for 2020 – read about them here.


Children deserve safe places to walk and bike—starting with the trip to school. The ability of people to safely walk and bicycle is a vital part of what makes communities thrive.

Read about why safe walking and biking are important for children’s safety and health and how Vision Zero for Youth can impact far beyond the trip to school.


Mayors and leaders are invited to join the growing number of communities working toward a future with zero traffic deaths and a focus on youth. Most successful community efforts have committed city leaders and energized community support. Both are important.

The Mayors’ Statement on Safe Walking and Bicycling for Youth describes the commitment to safe walking and biking for youth and the benefits this brings to communities.

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Cities have identified an array of ways to prevent pedestrian and bicyclist injuries and promote walking. A growing number of cities are considering or currently implementing Vision Zero to eliminate all traffic fatalities and serious injuries. Many have used a broad variety of youth-targeted safety improvements either as a component of Vision Zero or to help build political will for larger safety initiatives.

Read about how to put action behind the commitment to Vision Zero for Youth and create change in your community.


Cities of all sizes can take steps toward creating safer places for children and youth to walk and bike. Some communities integrate youth-focused changes into large-scale a Vision Zero approach, while others identify smaller fixes they can accomplish that make large difference in their communities.

Read stories that show the range of possibilities for Vision Zero for Youth.